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James A. Verner
Sixty-Three Endeavors

Hardcover September 2019
72 Seiten | ca. 21,0 x 29,7 cm
ISBN: 978-3-96014-598-1

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Despite its mostly English text, Sixty-Three Endeavors’ message is tailored to a German audience. Seldom does English language scholarship combine both poetry and political theory. While it is designed to appeal to a general readership, its politics and Weltanschauung invite academic scrutiny. Singing aphorisms combat cognitive dissonance with a vibration of vowels, consonants and images tuned to the reader’s third eye.
Mourning Knights

So somber every morning
Above fields of ancient dead
Watchful knights are mourning
At a distance from your bed
Upon those glorious fields of battle
You rest your head gently every night
And soundly sleep till morning
Till the sun comes up, alright
May you seldom ever ponder
As your dreams wander toward the day
Those sad, silent knights out yonder
Who never go away

Suction Cup

Hear a query quaint and kooky
Of an eerie placement spooky
Did upon your cheek appear
A suction cup platooned my dear
To wit a kiss and rather queer
Or was it just an errant ear?

The Bedroom Window

Looking out your bedroom window
To the plastic world outside
I bury within your bosom my face
And the fear I seek to hide
With you I can be happy and honest
But out there, alone, only crummy and bent
Within your grasp and upon your lips
I seek true love to vent
Those awful heavy feelings contracted
From the plastic world outside
And only you my dear
Not even a bevy of nurses
Can heal my wounded pride

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